The 100th Birthday of Academician Vadim Aleksandrovich Trapeznikov
The 85th Birthday of Academician Yurii Isaakovich Neimark
Active Rocket Trajectory Arcs
Degenerate Problems of Designing the Control System of a Linear Discrete Plant
Analytical Design of Invariant Controllers
The Stoker Problem for Multidimensional Discrete Phase Control Systems
Effectiveness of the Step-by-step Discriminatory Analysis at Choosing the Informative Attributes
A MAP/τ/1/r System with a Large Service Time Variation Coefficient
Stabilizing Chaos with Predictive Control
Modeling of the City Transport Flows as Applied to the Moscow Agglomeration
Objective and Operational Dynamic Models of Complex Processes
Functional Diagnosis of Information Transmission in Computer Systems with Unknown Initial Information
Possibilities of Using Group Operations and Group Instructions to Detect and Eliminate Failures in the Multiprocessor Systems of Data Processing and Control
Diagnostics of Metrological Defects in Heat Metering Problems
Identification of Gas Dehydration Processes and Optimal Load Distribution between Technological Lines in a Dehydrating Plant
Third All-Russian Conference “Control and Information Technologies” (CIT-2005)