Methods of Analyzing the Nonstationary Time Series with Implicit Changes in Their Properties
A Maximum Principle for Linear Total Differential Control Systems with One-Parametric Input
Using Predictive Control to Synchronize Chaotic Systems
Reduction of Stability Study of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems by the Second Lyapunov Method
Job Scheduling for a Computing System
Controllability of Mechanical Systems with Allowance for the Drive Dynamics
Band Controllability and Observability Tests
Global Stability of a Discrete Population Dynamics Model with Two Delays
Sufficient Conditions for Nesting the Reachable Sets of Two Smooth Control Systems of Constant Rank and Linear in Phase Variables
Certain Problems of Asymptotic Analysis and Extensions. I
L 1-Optimal Nonparametric Frontier Estimation via Linear Programming
A Problem of Pattern Recognition in Arrays of Interrelated Objects. Recognition Algorithm
The Second International Conference “Physics and Control”