Nonlinear dynamic systems
On some sufficient conditions for optimality of the pursuit time in the differential game with multiple pursuers
Practical control optimization schemes based on the extension principle
Discrete optimization by optimal control methods I. Separable problems
Causality and stability conditions for the control of a linear distributed system
A randomized stochastic optimization algorithm
Selection of a fixed-income portfolio
An adaptation algorithm for stabilization of nonlinear system in the absence of sector constraints
On one method of structural-parametric identification of dynamic systems
Structure of equilibrium time-varying trajectories in the Lucas endogenous growth model
Predictive non-iterative coordinations in hierarchical systems
Mathematical modeling of man's life-cycle and longevity
Principles of reference-aided decision making
9th IFAC Workshop on Adaptation and Learning in Control and Signal Processing (ALCOSP 2007) and 3rd IFAC workshop on Periodic Control Systems (PSYCO 2007)
Iveri Varlamovich Prangishvili (May 6, 1930–February 28, 2006)