Foreword to the Special Issure “Control in energetics”
Wavelet Transform Methods
The Quadratic Eigenvalue Problem in Electric Power Systems
Self-Organizing Extrapolation Controllers for Power Systems
Integrated Control Systems for Superhigh-Voltage Substations in the Unified Russian Electrical Network
Experience from Design and Application of the Top-level System of the Process Control System of Nuclear Power-plant
Flexible Modeling Complex for the Operator Support Systems of UPP's with VVER-1000 Reactor
Invariance Attainability Conditions for Power Plant Control Systems
Control of DC Electric Motor
Recursive Controllability and Observability Tests for Large Dynamic Systems
Algebraic Systems with Locally Varying Matrices for Control in Electrical Energetics
Mathematical Modeling as a Decision Tool in the Control of Urban Heat Supply
Estimating State and Operation of Power Supply Systems
Analog-to-Digital Interfaces for Microcontroller-based Adaptive cyclic Regulating Devices for Electrical Plants