Russian symposium “Control of Elastic Oscillations”
Analytical design of the robust controllers by parameterization of the Lur'e-Riccati equation
Design of the optimal control of periodic processes in unlimited time
Principle of maximum in the problem of control under limited phase coordinates
Improvement and estimation of the approximate optimal positional control
Using the method of phase biplane to study dynamics of interactions of the elastic structural oscillations of the flexible spacecraft with the control system
Boundary control of a laminar flow of a viscous incompressible fluid in the generalized Couette cell. The asymptotic approach
Motion control of a rotor with a cavity with a viscous fluid
On boundary observability of elastic vibrations of connected objects with distributed and lumped parameters
Problems of boundary observability of elastic vibrations described by the system of telegrapher equations
Boundary control of string vibrations that minimizes the integral of power p ≤ 1 of the module of control or its derivative
Boundary control of the third boundary
Integral minimization of the second derivative module of the boundary control of string vibrations with the fixed end
The formula of the solution for some classes of initial boundary value problems for the hyperbolic equation with two independent variables
On the Newton-type method with admissible trajectories for mixed complementatiry problems
A dual regularized method in a control problem of plate vibrations
Robust estimation of a correlation coefficient for ε-contaminated bivariate normal distributions