Current Problems in Parallelization of the Computation Algorithms and Organization of Parallel Computations
Productivity Prediction of MPI Programs Based on Models
Topological optimization of the large-scale data transmission networks
The Solution of Large Problems in Distributed Computational Media
Parallelization of the Global Extremum Searching Process
Parallelization of the Quantile Function Optimization Algorithms
On evolutionary algorithms, neural-network computations, and genetic programming. Mathematical problems
Direct and Inverse Problems of High-Viscosity Fluid Dynamics
Distributed Calculations and Simulation of Radar Image-based Navigation
Technologies of Parallel Database Systems for Hierarchical Multiprocessor Environments
Parallel Computing in Problems That Occur during Mathematical Simulation of Radiation Transfer
Numerical Studies of Flow Around Aircraft Using the Multiprocessor Computer Systems
Distributed Computing by the Monte Carlo Method
Experience of Multilevel Parallelizing of the Branch and Bound Method in Discrete Optimization Problems
Parallel Computations and Committee Constructions
Modeling of Industrial Problems on High-Performance Polyprocessor Computing Systems