International symposium “Generalized Solutions in the Problems of Control”
Optimization of the boundary control by shift or elastic force at one end of string in a sufficiently long arbitrary time
Nonlinear feedback-based control of the distribution of total energy between the degrees of freedom of a mechanical system. A quantum approach
Approximate optimal controls for a class of Volterra systems with nonlinear delay
Realization of sliding modes as generalized solutions to optimal control problems
Conditions of exact tracking by the linear system output of the standard model of a reduced order
Dynamic output feedback of linear networked control systems
Stability against small noises in control problems with non-Lipschitz right-hand side of the dynamic equation
Synthesis of the desired law of motion control in the neighborhood of a specified set
Optimal discrete-pulse control of linear systems
Attraction domains of the stationary points of the difference equation with switchings
Methods of perturbations in quadratic problems of optimal control
Generalized solutions in one problem of optimal control for the Tobin macroeconomic model
Improvement of the control realizing the sliding mode
Optimization and control in some ecologo-economic models
Multicomponent model-based optimization of the regional development strategies
On asymptotics of the emptiness probability in the M/GI/1 queue
Matrix method to study IEEE 802.11 network