Multilinear Volterra equations of the first kind and some problems of control1
Variational optimality condition in the problem of control of initial boundary conditions for semilinear hyperbolic systems1
Minimum-energy control in the integro-differential linear systems
Generalized synthesis for singular nonlinear optimal control problems
External bounds and step controllability of the linear interval system1
Explicit solution for the incommensurable frequency oscillation control problem under limited resource control1
Representation and realization of the generalized solutions of the unlimited-locus controllable systems1
Analytical design of optimal controllers under permanent stochastic disturbances as applied to the design of vibration isolation systems1
Application of the set-theoretic approach to accounting of uncertainties in the solution of vector optimization problems
Optimal control problem of development of an electric power system1
An algorithm for numerical synthesis of optimal control3
Optimal control of heat conductivity
Optimal pulse observation of one type of systems with delay1
Degenerate problem of stabilization of a specified trajectory1
On the difference approximation of the delay control system1
Methods of Chebyshev points of convex sets and their applications1
Asymptotics of the rung-type contrast structure for a class of variational problems1
Classification of kinetics of macrosystems by the type of optimal processes
Approximate optimization methods of control of a flying vehicle3
9th IFAC Workshop “Adaptation and Learning in Control and Signal Processing” (ALCOSP 2007) and 3rd IFAC Workshop “Periodic Control Systems” (PSYCO 2007)