On absolute stability of discrete systems
On dual problems of optimal control
Accounting of prior information in paramacrosystems
Reduction of the Rosenbrock matrix in analysis of invariant zeros of the linear MIMO-System
Quasi-invariant control : Design and functional capabilities
Controllability of nonlinear algebraic differential systems
To the optimal identification of multivariate systems under perturbations of unknown covariances
Analysis of the problem of continuous-product inventory control under deterministic lead time
Performance analysis of the broadband wireless network with decentralized control and hidden terminals
Estimating the latent time of fault detection in finite automaton tested in real time
Redundantization of interdependent program modules for parallel control computing systems : Organization, estimation of fault-tolerance, formalized description
Fast distributed algorithms to make mutually coordinated decisions in stringent real time
Frequency characteristics of the one-layer anisotropic magnetoresistive sensitive nanoelements
Discrete optimization with logical constraints for design of complex products
VII International Conference “Systems of Computer-aided Design, Computer-aided Manufacturing, and Product Data Management” CAD/CAM/PDM-2007