Stochastic Problems in H ∞ and H 2/H ∞ Control
Stabilization of Oscillations from a Monoparametric Family of the Autonomous System
On One Approach to the Solution of the Problem of Guaranteeing Estimation for Volterra Equations
Construction of Invariant Ellipsoids in the Stabilization Problem for a Wheeled Robot Following a Curvilinear Path
Nonasymptotic Confidence Sets of Prescribed Dimensions for Parameters of Nonlinear Regressions
Analysis of the Oral Interface in the Interactive Servicing Systems. I
Generalization of the Dynamic Programming Scheme
Robust Stabilization of Continuous Indeterminate Systems
Robust Control of Multidimensional Nonstationary Linear Plants
On Modeling Neural-network Protection Facilities for Computer-aided Systems : A Formal Model of Adaptation and Operation. II
Generating Ordered Set of Symmetric Group for Solving Commutation Problems
Combinatorial Methods for Constructing Bipartite Uniform Minimal Quasicomplete Graphs (Symmetrical Block Designs)
Models of Closed Multimachine Computer Systems with Transient-fault-tolerance and Fault-tolerance on the Basis of Replication under Byzantine Faults