The 70th Birthday of Nikolai Aleksandrovich Kuznetsov
Design of Speed-optimal Continuous Linear Controllers
Control of the Quantum Systems and Some Ideas of the Optimal Control Theory
Problem of Optimal Oscillator Control for Nulling Its Energy under Bounded Control Action
On Instability of Control Systems for a Certain Class of Objects and Methods of Its Elimination
Recurrent Nonparametric Estimation of Functions from Functionals of Multidimensional Density and Their Derivatives
Joint Detection and Estimation of the Yule-Furry Processes
Conflict-resolving Tree Algorithm Stable to Incomplete Interference Damping
Analysis of the Oral Interface in the Interactive Servicing Systems. II
Compensation of Unknown Sinusoidal Disturbances in Linear Plants of Arbitrary Relative Degree
Result-and-Risk-Guaranteed Solution of a Multicriterion Dynamic Problem
Coordination in Multiagent Systems and Laplacian Spectra of Digraphs
On Calculation of the Power Indices with Allowance for the Agent Preferences
Application of the Formal Model for Describing Processes of Adaptive Information Security in Computer-aided Systems
Functional Diagnosis of the Nonlinear Dynamic Delay Systems
Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zhozhikashvili (May 28, 1925–November 1, 2008)
VI Conference “Mathematical Methods in Reliability” (MMR-2009) Theory. Methods. Applications (Moscow, June 22–27, 2009)
Combinatorial Optimization in System Configuration Design