The 80th Birthday of Academician Stanislav Vasil'evich Emel'yanov
The 80th Birthday of Academician Evgenii Aleksandrovich Fedosov
Nonlocal Improvement of Controls in State-Linear Systems with Terminal Constraints
Approximate Control Optimization Based on Transformation of Object Model
On Approximation of the Subdifferential of the Nonsmooth Penalty Functional in the Problems of Optimal Control
Constructive Methods of Control Optimization in Nonlinear Systems
On the Method of Dynamic Programming for Linear-Quadratic Problems of Optimal Control in Hybrid Systems
On the Method of Harmonic Linearization
Control of Wheel System Under Uncertainty
A Tracking Problem for Mechanical Systems with Delay in Control
Optimality Conditions of Sliding Modes and the Maximum Principle for Control Problems with the Scalar Argument
On Scalarized Calculation of the Likelihood Function in Array Square-root Filtering Algorithms
The MAP + MAP/PH/1/N Queuing System with Single and Batch Arrivals of Customers
BMAP/G/1/∞ System with lasT Come First Served Probabilistic Priority
Control of Complex Ecological-Economic Systems
Organization of Self-diagnosis of the Discrete Multicomponent Systems a Structure Like Bipartite Quasicomplete Graphs