Seventy Years of the Institute of Control Sciences—Seventy Years of Formation and Development of the National Science of Control
The 75th Birthday of Academician Vladimir Grigor'evich Peshekhonov
Tracking in Linear MIMO Systems under External Perturbations
Linear Control Design under Phase Constraints
Topological Method for Analysis of Periodic Canards
Robust Control of Composite Beams
On Analysis of Periodic Polling Systems
Output Control of Linear Systems with Unmodeled Dynamics
Guaranteed Results in Games with Forbidden Situations
Anisotropic Magnetoresistive Sensors of the Magnetic Field and Current
Local Search of Orthogonal Packings Using the Lower Bounds
Using Voxel Models in Automation of Mathematical Modeling
Systems with a Switch and Estimation of Absolute Stability Region
B.S. Mordukhovich. Variational Analysis and Generalized Differentiation. I. Basic Theory, II. Applications