X International Workshop “Stability and Oscillations of the Nonlinear Control Systems”
The Lyapunov Functionals Method in Stability Problems for Functional Differential Equations
Algebraic Nonrobustness Conditions
Constructing Pontryagin Extremals for the Optimal Control Problem of Asteroid Fly-By
Parametrizing Stabilizing Controls in Stochastic Systems
Algorithm to Construct Invariant Ellipsoids in the Problem of Stabilization of Wheeled Robot Motion
LMI-based Analysis of Robust Adaptive Control for Linear Systems with Time-Varying Uncertainty
Stability in Systems with Unbounded Aftereffect
Estimating Error of the Optimal Grid Design in the Problems of Nonlinear Optimal Control of Prescribed Duration
A Case of Motional Stability of Railway Wheel Pair
On Models Structurally Stable in Periodic Motion
One Problem of the Two-Frequency Parametric Resonance
IX International Conference “Computer-Aided Design, Computer-Aided Manufacturing, and Product Data Management Systems (CAD/CAM/PDM-2009)”