Foreword to the Thematical Issue “Centenary of the Queuing Theory”
On Mathematical Models of the Service Networks
A New Stage in Mathematical Teletraffic Theory
Teletraffic and the Queuing Theory
Hundred Years of A.K. Erlang's Formula and Studies of the Teletraffic Theory
Stability Analysis of Regenerative Queueing Systems
On Mixing Rate and Convegence to Stationary Regime in Discrete Time Erlang Problem
On the Nonstationary Erlang Loss Model
On the Slow Server Problem
Analysis and Optimization of Output Processes of Conflicting Gnedenko-Kovalenko Traffic Streams under Cyclic Control
A Queueing System with Negative Claims and a Bunker for Superseded Claims in Discrete Time
A Duplex Cyclic Polling System for Mixed Queues
On Busy Period and Sojourn Time Distributions in the M/G/1-EPS Queue With Catastrophes
Unreliable Multi-server System with Controllable Broadcasting Service
Stationary Time Characteristics of the GI/M/n/∞ System with Some Variants of the Generalized Renovation Discipline
Stochastic Theory of Inventory Control
Computing Ruin Probability in the Classical Risk Model
Erratum to : “Elmor Model-based Algorithm to Select Optimal Connections on the Clock Tree”