Tandem Service System with Batch Markov Flow and Repeated Calls
The Model of Servicing the Real-Time Traffic and Data with a Dynamically Changeable Transmission Speed
The Servicing System MAP ( PH )+ MAP/PH/N/R as a Model of Optimizing an HTTP Server with Blockings
Optimizing the Trajectory of Spatial Movement of a Flying Object as a Solid Body 1
H2 -optimization of Time-Delayed Sampled-Data Systems on the Basis of the Parametric Transfer Matrix Method
Motion Equations and Control of the Free-flying Space Manipulator in the Reconfiguration Mode 1
Analysis of the Busy Period in Threshold Control System 1
Games with Forbidden Situations. Models with Hard Constraints
Dominating, Weakly Stable, and Uncovered Sets : Properties and Generalizations 1
Axiomatics for Power Indices That Account for Player Preferences 1
Achieving Robustness at Diagnosis of Nonlinear Systems
Biosensors Based on the Thin-film Magnetoresistive Sensors
A.A. Ashimov, Yu.V. Borovskii, N.A. Iskakov, B.T. Sultanov, and As.A. Ashimov. Elementy teorii parametricheskogo regulirovaniya evolyutsii ekonomicheskoi sistemy strany (Elements of the Theory of Parametric Control of Evolution of National Economy)
XI International Conference “Stability and Oscillations of the Nonlinear Control Systems” (Pyatnitskii Conference), June 1-4, 2010, Moscow, Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences