Neurotransmitter release in an arterial preparation and the action of α-adrenoceptor antagonists
Effects of lipopolysaccharide on vascular reactivity and mortality in rats
The functional α-adrenoceptor in dog caudal vesical arteries is mainly an α1A subtype
Atenolol improves ventricular function without changing plasma noradrenaline but decreasing plasma atrial natriuretic factor in chronic heart failure
Histamine receptor type coupled to nitric oxide-induced relaxation of guinea-pig nasal mucosa
Comparison of the effect of cyclic AMP on the content and release of dopamine and 1-methyl-4-phenylpyridinium (MPP+) in PC12 cells
The role of α1D-adrenoceptors in prostatic contraction examined using protection studies
Sodium nitroprusside-induced rat fundus relaxation is ryanodine-sensitive and involves L-type Ca2+ channel and small conductance Ca2+-sensitive K+ channel components