LEMUR: Legged Excursion Mechanical Utility Rover

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Although future orbital facilities will have immense scale, details will require intricate operations in restrictive, confined quarters. LEMUR is a small, agile and capable six-legged walking robot that has been built at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to perform dexterous small-scale assembly, inspection and maintenance. It is intended to expand the operational envelope of robots in its size class (sub-5 kg) through the flexible use of its limbs and effectors, as well as through the modular changeout of those effectors. In short, LEMUR is intended as a robotic instantiation of a six-limbed primate with Swiss Army knife tendencies.LEMUR's layout consists of six independently operated limbs arranged in two rows of three. The front two limbs have four active degrees of freedom while the rear four limbs have three each. Each limb is reconfigurable to allow the integration of a variety of mechanical tools.

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