The PumaPaint Project

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The PumaPaint Project is an online robot that allows World Wide Web users to create original artwork. This paper describes the PumaPaint Project at two locations: the original site at Wilkes University and the site at Roger Williams University. Each site allows control of a PUMA robot equipped with four paintbrushes, jars of red, green, blue and yellow paint and white paper attached to a vertical easel. A Java™ interface executing within a web browser allows interactive control of the robot. This interface contains two windows showing live camera views of the easel and various controls for connecting to the robot, viewing the task status and controlling the painting task. The original site operated from June 1998 to March 2000 with approximately 25,000 unique-addressed machines downloading the interface to produce about 500 canvases. The new site has been in operation since August 2002. This paper discusses the author's experiences in operating the original site, and the motivation for and the challenges of reviving the site in its current location.

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