Socially Distributed Perception: GRACE plays social tag at AAAI 2005

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This paper presents a robot search task (social tag) that uses social interaction, in the form of asking for help, as an integral component of task completion. Socially distributed perception is defined as a robot's ability to augment its limited sensory capacities through social interaction. We describe the task of social tag and its implementation on the robot GRACE for the AAAI 2005 Mobile Robot Competition & Exhibition. We then discuss our observations and analyses of GRACE's performance as a situated interaction with conference participants. Our results suggest we were successful in promoting a form of social interaction that allowed people to help the robot achieve its goal. Furthermore, we found that different social uses of the physical space had an effect on the nature of the interaction. Finally, we discuss the implications of this design approach for effective and compelling human-robot interaction, considering its relationship to concepts such as dependency, mixed initiative, and socially distributed cognition.

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