Enhanced immunopathology induced by very virulent infectious bursal disease virus
A rapid assay for detecting antibody against leucocytozoonosis in chickens with a latex agglutination test using recombinant R7 antigen
Variation in the spike protein of the 793/B type of infectious bronchitis virus, in the field and during alternate passage in chickens and embryonated eggs
Subalar cutaneous cysts with Harpirhynchus nidulans in bearded tits and hawfinches in Central Europe
Avian malaria: clinical and chemical pathology of Plasmodium gallinaceum in the domesticated fowl Gallus gallus
Single and concurrent avian leukosis virus infections with avian leukosis virus-J and avian leukosis virus-A in Australian meat-type chickens
Genetic variation of the ompA and 16S rRNA genes of Riemerella anatipestifer