Is the Comparative Effectiveness Research Movement Getting Off on the Right Foot?
Filling in Gaps In the Evidence
Language a Major Barrier Between Health Care Providers and Patients?
The Heavy Toll of Prescription Opioids in Terms Of Misuse, Abuse, Hospital Admissions, and Death
High Rates of Inappropriate Opioid Use Among Patients With Chronic Low Back Pain?
Furor Over Vertebroplasty Demonstrates the Importance of Timely Research
What About Vertebroplasty for Patients With Vertebral Cancer?
Do the RCTs on Vertebroplasty Raise Doubts About the Efficacy of Kyphoplasty?
Back Pain Research: Are Patient Registries Ready For Prime Time?
Registries Might Provide Important Feedback for Individual Practitioners
What About Comparing Registries Against Other Types of Studies? Would This Prove Their Validity?
Keeping Track of Patients a Major Challenge for Long-Running Studies
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