Effects of the Good Behavior Game on Individual Student Behavior

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The Good Behavior Game (GBG) is a classwide group contingency that has proven effective at reducing disruptive classroom behavior across elementary and secondary grade levels (Flower, McKenna, Bunuan, Muething, & Vega, 2014). The vast majority of GBG research has reported the effects at the classwide level. There have been relatively few evaluations of the effects of the GBG on individual student behavior. The current study examined the effects of the GBG at the individual student level for 12 participants nominated as most disruptive by their teachers across 2 kindergarten classes and 1 first-grade class. The majority of participants exhibited consistently less disruptive behavior during the GBG compared to baseline (BL). One participant’s disruptive behavior persisted throughout all phases. These findings suggest that the GBG may prevent teachers from creating unnecessary individualized interventions for some students and may also help identify students who require individualized interventions.

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