Letter from the Editor
Basic and Clinical Pharmacology: One Discipline?
Vasoactive Peptides, their Receptors and Drug Development
Effect of Caffeine-Containing versus Decaffeinated Coffee on Serum Clozapine Concentrations in Hospitalised Patients
Mechanism of Acetaminophen-Induced Apoptosis in Cultured Cells
The Citrus-Derived Flavonoid Naringenin Exerts Uterotrophic Effects in Female Mice at Human Relevant Doses
Effect of Endothelin Antagonism on Contractility, Intracellular Calcium Regulation and Calcium Regulatory Protein Expression in Right Ventricular Hypertrophy of the Rat
Effects of γ-Butyrobetaine and Mildronate on Nitric Oxide Production in Lipopolysaccharide-Treated Rats
Valproic Acid is Known to Cause Hypospadias in Man but does not Reduce Anogenital Distance or Causes Hypospadias in Rats