BCPT Focused Nordic Conference
Therapeutic Effects of Inhaled 1,8-Cineole on Allergic Airway Inflammation
Metabolism of Ophthalmic Timolol: New Aspects of an Old Drug
In Vitro Anti-Tumour Activities of Quinolizidine Alkaloids Derived from Sophora Flavescens Ait
Amisulpride-Induced Seizurogenic Effect: A Potential Role of Opioid Receptor-Linked Transduction Systems
Doxycycline Dose-dependently Inhibits MMP-2-Mediated Vascular Changes in 2K1C Hypertension
Tissue-Specific and Dose-Related Accumulation of Arsenic in Mouse Offspring Following Maternal Consumption of Arsenic-Contaminated Water
Genistein and Folic Acid Prevent Oxidative Injury Induced by β-Amyloid Peptide
Effect of Methoxychlor on Ca2+ Handling and Viability in OC2 Human Oral Cancer Cells
Migrating Motor Complex in Colectomized Ileo Stoma Patients
Influence of CYP2C8*13 and CYP2C8*14 Alleles on Amiodarone N -Deethylation