Preclinical Pharmacology and Safety of a Novel Avidin Derivative for Tissue-Targeted Delivery of Radiolabelled Biotin
A Population Pharmacokinetic–Pharmacodynamic Model for Simvastatin that Predicts Low-Density Lipoprotein-Cholesterol Reduction in Patients with Primary Hyperlipidaemia
The Teratogenic Potencies of Valproic Acid Derivatives and Their Effects on Biological End-points are Related to Changes in Histone Deacetylase and Erk1/2 Activities
Functional Coupling between Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors and G-Proteins in Rat Cerebral Cortex Assessed by Guanosine-5′- O -(3-[35S]thio)triphosphate Binding Assay
Piroxicam Reverses Endotoxin-Induced Hypotension in Rats: Contribution of Vasoactive Eicosanoids and Nitric Oxide
In Vitro Studies Investigating the Interactions between Degarelix, a Decapeptide Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Blocker, and Cytochrome P450
Adenosine A1, but not A2, Receptor Blockade Increases Anxiety and Arousal in Zebrafish
Ramiprilate Inhibits Functional Matrix Metalloproteinase Activity in Crohn's Disease Fistulas