BCPT Nordic Prize in Basic and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology for 2012 to Michael J. Mulvany *
Biomedical PhD Education – An International Perspective
Dexamethasone-eluting Vascular Stents
Genotoxicity and Carcinogenicity Studies of Bronchodilators and AntiAsthma Drugs
Therapeutic Window for Combination Therapy of A91 Peptide and Glutathione Allows Delayed Treatment After Spinal Cord Injury
Effects of Aripiprazole, an Atypical Antipsychotic, on the Motor Alterations Induced by Acute Ethanol Administration in Mice
Differential Myotoxic and Cytotoxic Activities of Pre-synaptic Neurotoxins from Papuan Taipan ( Oxyuranus scutellatus ) and Irian Jayan Death Adder ( Acanthophis rugosus ) Venoms
Chronic Administration of Infliximab (TNF-α Inhibitor) Decreases Depression and Anxiety-like Behaviour in Rat Model of Chronic Mild Stress
The Contractile Effect of Anandamide in the Guinea-Pig Small Intestine is Mediated by Prostanoids but not TRPV1 Receptors or Capsaicin-Sensitive Nerves
Stimulation of Suicidal Erythrocyte Death by Fumagillin
Acute CO Poisoning is Associated with Impaired Fibrinolysis and Increased Thrombin Generation