Evidence for Involvement of Spinal RANTES in the Antinociceptive Effects of Triptolide, a Diterpene Triepoxide, in a Rat Model of Bone Cancer Pain
8-O-Acetyl Shanzhiside Methylester Attenuates Cerebral Ischaemia/Reperfusion Injury through an Anti-Inflammatory Mechanism in Diabetic Rats
Riccardin D, a Macrocyclic Bisbibenzy, Inhibits Human Breast Cancer Growth through the Suppression of Telomerase Activity
Saquinavir-NO Inhibits IL-6 Production in Macrophages
Arctigenin Promotes Apoptosis in Ovarian Cancer Cells via the iNOS/NO/STAT3/Survivin Signalling
Adjuvant Anticholinesterase Therapy for the Management of Epilepsy-Induced Memory Deficit: A Critical Pre-clinical Study
[3H]-L685,458 Binding Sites are Abundant in Multiple Peripheral Organs in Rats: Implications for Safety Assessment of Putative γ-Secretase Targeting Drugs
Antimetastatic Effects of Licochalcone B on Human Bladder Carcinoma T24 by Inhibition of Matrix Metalloproteinases-9 and NF-κB Activity
Geraniol Blocks Calcium and Potassium Channels in the Mammalian Myocardium: Useful Effects to Treat Arrhythmias
R1: Effects of Antihypertensive and Triglyceride-lowering Agents on Hepatic Copper Concentrations in Rats with Fatty Liver Disease
Population Pharmacokinetic Meta-Analysis of Vortioxetine in Healthy Individuals
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Pharmacogenetics, Plasma Concentrations, Clinical Signs and EEG During Propofol Treatment
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Effects of Colistin on the Sensory Nerve Conduction Velocity and F-wave in Mice