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Lipid‐soluble Cigarette Smoke Particles Induced Vascular Endothelin Type A Receptor Up‐Regulation through Activation of ERK1/2 Signal Pathways
Lipopolysaccharides, but not Angiotensin ll, lnduces Direct Pro‐lnflammatory Effects in Cultured Mouse Arteries and Human Endothelial and Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells
Acute Treatment with Lauric Acid Reduces Blood Pressure and Oxidative Stress in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats
Clinical Pharmacist‐Provided Services In Iron‐Overloaded Beta‐Thalassaemia Major Children
Trends in Off‐Label Prescribing of Sedatives, Hypnotics and Antidepressants among Children and Adolescents – A Danish, Nationwide Register‐Based Study
Topical Antimycotics for Oral Candidiasis in Warfarin Users
Utilization of Stimulants and Atomoxetine for Attention‐Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder among 5.4 Million Children Using Population‐Based Longitudinal Data
Integrin Targeting and Toxicological Assessment of Peptide‐Conjugated Liposome Delivery Systems to Activated Endothelial Cells
Extended Low‐Dose Exposure to Saxitoxin Inhibits Neurite Outgrowth in Model Neuronal Cells
Adverse Effect Profile of Topical Ocular Administration of Fingolimod for Treatment of Dry Eye Disease
Idarucizumab for Reversal of Dabigatran Prior to Acute Surgery