Exploring the Differences Between Social and Behavioral Science

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Even though social science and behavioral science are interconnected and both study behaviors, there are some noteworthy differences between the two fields at the level of scientific analysis of behavior. In this article, a definition of social science is put forward as the study of relationships between macro type variables, like culture and society, and micro type variables such as how people behave. Behavioral science, on the other hand, is the organized study of human and animal behavior through controlled systematic structure. The differences in the fields pertaining to contextual manipulation, operationalization and creation of variables are discussed. Factor analysis has been suggested as potential solution for social science research. Model of Hierarchical Complexity (MHC) as the potential bridge between the 2 fields is discussed. Social science can expand its social value by adapting behavioral science research models. Furthermore, behavioral science needs to expand its scope to take on social science issues.

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