Developmental Analysis of Autogenetic Frameworks of Interpersonal Agency

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Previously reported research produced an autogenetic model of interpersonal agency and provided confirmatory support for the model. The model consists of paradigms and frameworks of interpersonal agency that share features with developmental levels and stages of models of social development. It was the purpose of the research being reported here to test the hypothesis that the autogenetic model paradigms and frameworks demonstrate a developmental relationship to one another. To this end, interviews were conducted with 16 undergraduates at a private, residential college seeking to determine both current autogenetic functioning and the autogenetic functioning toward which they may be tending. Examples are provided from a qualitative analysis of each interview that identify the current autogenetic framework being utilized and frameworks toward which the students are directing their attention. In the majority of cases the framework to which the students are attending is 1 framework beyond the framework currently being utilized, as would be predicted if the autogenetic frameworks are developmentally related. The hypothesis that the autogenetic model fits the requirements of a social developmental model is supported.

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