Morphological and Functional State of Rat Ovaries in the Early and Late Periods after Injection of Vepesid

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Morphological and functional state of the ovaries in female Wistar rats was assessed in the early and late periods after administration of antitumor drug vepesid in a single maximum tolerated dose. In the early period, the drug pronouncedly decreased the number of primordial follicles, bi-and multilayer follicles, and the total number of generative elements. The number of graafian vesicles and corpora lutea did not decrease. In the late period, exhaustion of the reserved potencies of gonads was more pronounced than in the control. Morphological alterations in the ovaries were accompanied by inhibition of the functional state of the female reproductive system in the period corresponding to the action on mature and primordial follicles. This inhibition manifested in increased postimplantation mortality.

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