Influence of paternal genotypes on F1 behaviors: Lessons from several mouse strains

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F1 and F2 mouse hybrids derived from different parental strains are becoming a useful tool in behavioral research, underlining the importance of their in-depth behavioral phenotyping. 129S1/SvImJ (S1), C57BL/6 (B6), NMRI (N) and BALB/c (BC) mice are commonly used in behavioral neuroscience, demonstrating marked behavioral differences. Here, we assess behavioral phenotypes of male mice of S1 and several hybrid strains (S1B6, S1N, S1BC) in a battery of behavioral tests, including the open field, novel odor exposure, novelty-induced grooming, horizontal rod (Suok) and the elevated plus maze tests. In addition, we assessed aggression and social barbering in these strains. Overall, the substantial differences observed here between these strains allow us to determine the influence of different genetic backgrounds on mouse behaviors, and more fully understand how different strain-specific behaviors overlap in the F1 progeny. Our results imply complex interplay between parental genotypes in anxiety, activity, grooming, aggression and barbering of their F1 progeny, further confirming the utility of F1 hybrids in behavioral neurogenetics.

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