Genetic "Clocks" and "Soft" Events: A Twin Model for Pubertal Development and Other Recalled Sequences of Developmental Milestones, Transitions, or Ages at Onset
Multivariate Path Analysis of Specific Cognitive Abilities Data at 12 Years of Age in the Colorado Adoption Project
Genetic and Shared Environmental Influences on Adolescent BMI: Interactions with Race and Sex
Univariate and Multivariate Genetic Analysis of Subcutaneous Fatness and Fat Distribution in Early Adolescence1
Sleeptalking in Twins: Epidemiology and Psychiatric Comorbidity
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Immobility Responses in Lurcher Mutant Mice
Genetic and Developmental Influences on Infant Mouse Ultrasonic Calling. II. Developmental Patterns in the Calls of Mice 2-12 Days of Age