Assessing the Effects of Cooperation Bias and Attrition in Behavioral Genetic Research Using Data-Weighting
Correcting Estimates of Shared Environmental Variance for Range Restriction in Adoption Studies Using a Truncated Multivariate Normal Model
Genetic and Environmental Influences on EEG Coherence
Genetic Analysis of Drosophila sechellia Specialization: Oviposition Behavior Toward the Major Aliphatic Acids of Its Host Plant
Genes and Environment: A New Theory of Freedom.
Psychophysiology and Genetics in Twins.
Risk Factors for Aggression and Antisocial Behavior in Twins.
Do Genetic and Environmental Influences on Childhood Conduct Disorder Vary Across Environmental Context?
Obstetrical Complications in Twin Pregnancies.
The Netherlands Twin Register.
Genetic Influences on Personal Assessments of Structural Situations.
IQ and Academic Achievement in Twins: A Longitudinal Study.
Maximum-likelihood Methods of Association and Linkage.14,16
Pubertal Timing and Personality Predict Alcohol Use Within Adolescent Female Twin Pairs.
Developmental Isolation and Subsequent Adult Behavior of Drosophila paulistorum: Courtship.
Preliminary Results from the Twins' Early Development Study: Language Delay and Mild Mental Retardation in Infancy.
Genetic and Environmental Influences on Childhood Anxiety Disorder Symptoms and Their Moderation by Age and Sex.
Quantitative Trait Locus for Specific Language and Reading Deficits on Chromosome 6p.35
The Wisconsin Twin Panel: Temperament in Context.37
The Prediction of Peer Substance Use During Adolescence: Evidence for Shared Environmental Influences.41
Genetic and Environmental Influences on Health-Control Beliefs in the Oldest-Old.47
Linkage Studies Suggest a Possible Locus for Dyslexia Near the Rh Region on Chromosome 1.
Twins' Ratings on the "Sibling Inventory of Differential Experience" (SIDE): A Three-Year Follow-Up Study.
Migrant-Discordant Twins: A Natural Experiment on Effects of Environmental Change.
Genetic Validation of the DSM-IV Subtypes of ADHD.
Modeling the Genetic Contribution to Smoking and Other Substance Use Disorders: Quantitative Genetic Approaches.71
Home Cage Activity in Mice Selected for High- and Low Open-Field Ambulation.75
Stability and Change in Cognitive Functioning in Late Adulthood.79
The Importance of Environmental Influences on Scholastic Achievement in Bedouin Full and Half Siblings.
Genetic and Environmental Influences on the Relationship Between Attachment to Family and Attachment to School.
Cognitive Impairment and Dementia in the Oldest Old Twins.92
Using Discordant Sibling Pairs to Replicate Behavioral Associations Within Families.94
The ACE Model and LISREL.
Parasomnias Among Adult Finnish Twins.
Common Genetic Influences on General Cognitive Ability in Males and Females: A Twin Study.104
Testing Psychological Theories of Hyperactivity Within a Twin Study.
Iris Patterns and Personality: Does a Relationship Exist That Can Be Useful for the Five Factor Model and Behavioral Genetics?
A Genetic Analysis of the Relationship Between Low Academic Performance and Early-Onset Substance Use in Adolescent Males.111
Discrepancies in Life Event Reports with Multiple Raters and Multiple Time Points.117
Genetic Influences on Early Stages in Cigarette Smoking in Missouri Adolescent Female Twins.120
Measurement Models for Sexual Orientation in a Large Australian Twin Sample.122
A Twin Study of Stability and Change in Late-Life Cognitive Functioning.128
The Y Chromosome, Sexual Behavior, and Pregnancy Block in Mus musculus. 132
Monozygotic Twins Increase the Power of Genetic Association Studies of Complex Phenotypes.
Twin Study of Self-Recognition in Toddlers.
Extremes in Cognitive Functioning in the Oldest-Old: A DeFries-Fulker Analysis of Non-Demented Octogenarian Twins.142
A Study of Genetic and Environmental Influences on Prosocial and Antisocial Behaviours.145
Differential Twin-Spouse Phenotypic Assortment, Not Social Homogamy.147
Multivariate Genetic Analyses of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Marijuana Consumption and Dependence Among Female Twins from the MCV Stress & Coping Twin Project.150
Peers, Teachers, and Parents as Raters of Twins Behavioral and Emotional Problems and Adjustment.156
Psychological Adjustment in Women: The Twinmoms Study.
Sources of Individual Variation Contributing to Change in Cognitive Abilities.164
Spouse and Familial Similarity for Alcohol Use and Alcohol-Related Problems in a Mauritian Sample.
Sex Differences in the Etiology of Inattention and Hyperactivity/Impulsivity.
Psychopathy in a Twin Sample of Alcohol Dependent Twins and Their Co-twins.176
Social Support, Life-Events, and Vulnerability to Depression Among 12,063 Adult Twins.
Genes, Environments, and Precursors of Alcoholism: Finnish Twin-Family Studies.187
Genetic and Environmental Associations Between Attention Problems and Other Problem Behaviors.191
Update on IQ Similarity of Unrelated Same Age Siblings.194
Personality and the Common Genetic Risk for Conduct Disorder and Alcohol Dependence.198
The Familial Aggregation of Nicotine, Alcohol, and Marijuana Dependence Symptoms in Families with Substance-Abusing Adolescent Probands and Controls.202
Is There a Genetic Basis for Sex Differences in Social Cognition?
Alcohol Preference in Mice: Replication Using Genotypic Selection and an F4 Advanced Intercross.209
Gene Mapping in the Presence of Gene-Environment Interactions.214
Genetics of Early Cancer Detection Behaviors in Australian Female Twins.
Assortative Mating for MMPI-2 Personality Traits in a Sample of Parents of Twins.219
Sex-Limited Genes and Individual Differences in Femininity-Masculinity as Assessed by the FEM Content Scale of the MMPI.225
Differential Genetic Etiology of Reading Disability as a Function of IQ.229
Etiological Validation of a Developmental Taxonomy of Antisocial Behavior.
The Georgia Twin Registry: Sample Description and Research Issues.
The heritability of personality factors in zoo chimpanzees Pan troglodytes. 239
Philosophy of Human Behavior Genetics.
Genetic and Environmental Influences on Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Use in the Colorado Adolescent Twin Study (CATS).244
Discrimination of Odor Differences in MHC-Deficient Mice.
New Models for Survival Studies of Twins.251
Family Factors Underlying Conduct Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Sibling Study of Comorbidity.
The 28th Annual Business Meeting of the Behavior Genetics Association, Stockholm, Sweden : Hermine Maes, Secretary
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