Introduction to Special Issue on Aging
The Heritability of Depression Symptoms in Elderly Danish Twins: Occasion-Specific Versus General Effects
Sex Differences in Genetic Risk for Dementia
Genetic and Environmental Influences on Decline in Biobehavioral Markers of Aging
Age Trajectories of Genetic Variance in Physical Functioning: A Longitudinal Study of Danish Twins Aged 70 Years and Older
Structural Equation Models for Evaluating Dynamic Concepts Within Longitudinal Twin Analyses
The Influence of Mortality on Twin Models of Change: Addressing Missingness Through Multiple Imputation
Investigating Age Differences in the Genetic and Environmental Structure of the Tridimensional Personality Questionnaire in Later Adulthood
A Novel Mouse-Friendly Cognitive Task Suitable for Use in Aging Studies
Mate Choice, Sexual Conflict, and Evolution of Senescence
Referees for This Special Issue