Foundations of Behavioral Genetics
A Study of Genetic, Environmental and Rater Effects on Thought Problems in 7-Year-Old Twins
Evaluation of the Broad Phenotype of Bipolar Disorder into Young Adulthood
Genetics of Frontal Brain Function Related to Action Regulation
Changes in Cognitive Ability between 4 and 10 years
Inflammation Processes and Cognitive Change
The Heritability of Depressive Tendency in a Sri Lankan Twin Sample, Using an Age-dependent Categorical Phenotype
Genetic and Environmental Influences on FES in Russian Adolescent Twins
Is Studying Wellness Useful to Gain Insight into Individual Differences in Psychopathology?
Genetic Architecture of Language
Family Environment, Stressful Life Events and Depressiveness in Adolescents
Model Selection in Case-parent Triad Studies
A Meta-analysis of Age-related Changes in Heritability of Behavioral Phenotypes Over Adolescence and Young Adulthood
Moderating Effects of Urban-rural Residency on Adolescent Behavior Problems and Frequency of Alcohol Use
Psychopathic Personality in Children
Heritable Variance Hidden in Social Interactions
Heritability of Specific Language Impairment Depends on Diagnostic Criteria
GxE Interactions Related to Age of Alcohol Exposure
Heritability of Head Size in Dutch and Australian Twin Families at Ages 5--50 Years
Genetic and Environmental Influences on General Knowledge and its Relationship with Intelligence
Association between Age of Sexual Initiation and Deviant Behavior in Combined Twin and Adoption Samples
Evidence for Gene-environment Interactions in Child Conduct Problems
Aggressive versus Non-aggressive Antisocial Behavior
A Genomewide Association Scan for General Cognitive Ability in Childhood
Scholastic Achievement and Intelligence
Resolving Equivalent Models Using Data on Pairs of Individuals
QTL Methodology in Behavior Genetics
Association of Candidate Genes with Antisocial Drug Dependence in Adolescents
Genetic and Environmental Influences on the Child Behavior Checklist-Juvenile Bipolar Disorder Phenotype
Correlations of Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression Across Family Relationships in a Large Population Based Norwegian Health Survey
Childhood General Cognitive Ability in the Twins Early Development Study
Genome-wide SNP Linkage Scan for High-velocity Knee Strength
Association between Regular Exercise and Anxious Depression
Genetics of Exercise Behavior
Age and Sex Effects on the Etiology of Substance use in Adolescents
A Systematic SNP Screen to Fine-map Alcohol Dependence Genes on Chromosome 7 in the Collaborative Study on the Genetics of Alcoholism (COGA) Sample
Genetic and Environmental Influences on the Covariance between the Four Core Factors of Borderline Personality Disorder
A Two-stage Genomewide Association Scan of Pooled DNA for QTLs Associated with Mathematical Ability in 10-Year-Old Children
Maternal Age at Childbirth and Offspring Conduct Problems
Population-based, Quasi-experimental Studies of Maternal Smoking During Pregnancy
Genetic Control of Change in Childhood Fears During Adolescence
Inter-age Connections between Key Cognitive Features of Preschool Children and Teenagers
Is the CHRNB3 Gene Associated with Nicotine Behaviors?
Feeling Anxious
Determinants of Antisocial Behavior Subtypes
All Imitation is not Created Equal
Behavioral genetic investigations of cognitive aging
Studies of Age-correlated Features of Cognitive-behavioral Development in Children and Adolescents with Genetic Disorders
The Genetic Basis of Voting
Parental Education Mediates Heritability of Word Recognition Deficits in Twins Selected for Reading Disability
A Causal Contingent Model of Trauma Exposure and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
A Twin Analysis of Inhibitory Behavior from 12 to 36 Months of Age
Genomewide Linkage Analysis of Age of Onset of Huntington's Disease
Externalizing Behavior
Genetic and Environmental Influences on Teacher Ratings of Behavioral and Emotional Problems in Russian Adolescent Twins
The Collective Organism
Some Guidelines for Defining Personality Differences in Rats
Jérôme Lejeune Lecture on Mental Retardation
Interpersonal Cognitions and Associations with Depressive Symptoms in 8 Year-Old Twins
The VNTR 2-repeat in MAOA and Delinquent Behavior
The Phenotypic and Genetic Differentiation of Anxiety-related Behaviours in Middle Childhood
Linkage Analyses of Alcohol Consumption Patterns and Dependence in a Large Community Sample
Genotype-environment Correlation and Interaction in Peer Effects on Adolescent Alcohol and Tobacco Use
Genetic and Environmental Influences between Various General Cognitive Processes and Math Ability
The Association between Cannabinoid Receptor 1 Gene (CNR1) and Marijuana Dependence Symptoms
The Etiology of School Science Performance
Preschool Language Skills and Reading at 7, 9 and 10 years
Alcohol Use in Adolescent Twins and Affiliation with Substance Using Peers
Genetic and Environmental Influences on Autistic Traits and its Association with Peer Interaction
Genetic and Environmental Contributions to the Associations between Work-family Spillover and Personality
The Vitamin D receptor Gene is not Strongly Associated with Stature
Testing the Gateway Model in Finnish Adolescent Twins
Genetic Influences on the Covariation between Empathy and Prosocial Behavior
Effects of the Chorion Type on EAS Temperaments in Young Twins
GABRA2 Variation and Disorders in the Externalizing Spectrum
Genetic Influence on Brain Structure and Function
Genetic Influence on Amygdala Reactivity to Emotional Stimuli
Studies of the Genetic and Environmental Influences on Drosophila Aggressive Behavior
Food Neophobia Shows Heritable Variation in Humans
Smoking During Pregnancy
Dietary Antioxidants and Differential Rates of Cognitive Decline in Swedish Twins
The Origins of Individual Differences in Mathematical Ability
Age Moderation of Heritability for Selected Brain Structure Volumes
DSM-IV Narcissistic Personality Disorders symptoms
Long-term Stability of Type-D Personality in a Population of Dutch Twins
Parenting and Adolescent Alcohol Use
The Genetic and Environmental Structure of Memory in Children
Association between Body Mass Index and MAOA Genotype
The Early Growth and Development Study
ADHD Symptoms and Mother-child Warmth-hostility in Two Community Samples
The Association between Migraine and Neuroticism
Genetic Contributions to Long-range Temporal Correlations in Ongoing Oscillations
A New Way of Modeling Ascertainment or MAR Missing Data in the ACE Model
Comparison of Likelihood Based and Bootstrapped Confidence Intervals in the ACE Model
Life Outcomes of Texas Adoption Project Children as Adults
Using Twin Data in Mixture Analyses
A Haplotype Spanning KIAA0319 and TTRAP is Associated with Normal Variation in Reading Ability
Cross-cultural Comparison of Genetic and Cultural Transmission of Smoking Initiation Using an Extended Twin Kinship Model
Are Methylation Patterns Heritable?
The Socialization of Adolescent Deviance
Genomewide Gene Expression Profiles as a Biological Basis for Non-shared Environment
Factorial Association
Father Absence and Early Sexual Activity
Assessing Violations of the Equal Environments Assumption with a Finite Mixture Distribution Model
Heritability of Phase Synchrony of Brain Oscillations Induced by Response Inhibition in a Go/No-Go Task
Heritability of Disordered Eating Characteristics in Adolescence
Considerations for Association Analysis of Multiple Correlated Traits and Samples
Association Analysis of Initiation and Dependence and other Conditional Traits
The Impact of Parenting on Adolescent Depressive Symptoms
The Impact of Prenatal Drug Exposure on Toddler Behavior
In Utero Smoking Exposure and Genes Interact to Cause Severe ADHD
Structures of Social Reproduction
Predicting the Effect of Naltrexone and Acamprosate in Alcohol-dependent Patients Using Phenotypic, Endophenotypic and Genetic Indicators
Cross Cultural Comparison of Heritability of Body Mass Index
The Relationship between Borderline, Avoidant and Depressive Personality Disorder
Twin analysis on Paired Comparison Data
Genetic Influences on Personality in Old Age
Environmental Influences on Early Reading
Lost in Translation
The Quantitative Trait Locus (QTL) Hypothesis
Association between the SNAP-25 Gene and Attention in a Twin Sample
Genetic Associations between Attention, IQ and the Stroop Effect During Childhood
The Factors of Self-monitoring Variability and Functioning
Isogenic Strain Variation for Daily Circadian Activity Rhythms in Drosophila
Reduced Circadian Rhythmicity in an Antennapedia (Antp) Strain of Drosophila Melanogaster
Imaging Genetics & Cognition
Modeling GxE with Categorical Moderators in the Presence of Dominance
Genetic and Environmental Transmission of Anxiety and Depression in Families Using a Novel Design
Heritability of Cortisol and its Relationship with Neuroticism
Does Divorce Cause Problem Behavior?
Autism and ADHD
Preliminary Evidence
Conduct Disorder and Transitions in Women's Alcohol Dependence Development
Genetic and Environmental Sources of Covariance between Parenting and Developmental Outcomes in Toddlers
Genetic Influences and Environmental Moderation of Infant Temperament
The Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase C385A (P129T) Variant
The Genetics of Neurodevelopment
Gene-environment Correlations in Childhood Maltreatment and Genetic Mediation of the Maltreatment--Conduct Problem Relationship
Associations between General Intelligence and Social Attitudes
Genetic Influences on Disordered Eating Behavior are Largely Independent of BMI
Heritability of ‘Small-world’ Networks in the Brain
Overview of DNA Collection and Genotyping Conducted by Add Health
Heritability of Stress-induced Sodium Excretion in European- and African-American Youth and Young Adults
Findings From the Colorado Adoption Project
Psychogenetic Selection in the Roman Rat Lines
Longitudinal Twin Research of Individual Differences in the EEG Parameters of Attention from Infancy to Preschool Age
The Nature of Individual Differences in the EEG Parameters During Sustained Visual Attention in 5-Year-Old Twins
The Neurocognitive and Behavioural Spectrum in del22q1.2 Syndrome (DiGeorge Syndrome-Velocardiofacial Syndrome)
Genetic and Environmental Etiology of Early Social Skills
Evidence of Familial Effects Common to Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Phobias and Common and Disorder Specific Effects of Non-shared Environment
Linkage Analysis of Obesity Related Candidate Genes for Heath-Carter Somatotype Components
Childcare and Problem Behaviors
Genetic and Environmental Influences on Antisocial Behavior from Childhood to Emerging Adulthood
The Stability of Reactive and Proactive Aggression
Neuroanatomical and Dopaminergic Markers in 22q11 Deletion Syndrome
Bayesian Analysis of Multi-level Parent-offspring Data in the Presence of Assortative Mating
Epidemiological and Twin Analyses of Adolescent Substance Use in the Cardiff Study of All Wales and North West of England Twins (CaStANET)
Genetic and Environmental Influences on Frequency of Truancy at High School
A Test for GxE in Family-based Association Analysis of Quantitative Traits
Genetic and environmental influences on verbal learning abilities in children
Genetic and Experiential Factors in the Development of Childhood Externalizing and Internalizing Problems
Genetic and Environmental Transmission of High-density Alcohol Use and Alcohol Problems
Association between Cannabis Use and Thought Problems in a Sample of Dutch Twins
A Genetic Basis for High-speed Memory Scanning
Mental Rotation Ability in Same-sex and Opposite-sex Twins
Deconstructing Gene-environment Interactions
Common Genetic Vulnerability for Pathological Gambling, Nicotine Dependence and Drug Dependence in Men
Genetic and Environmental Structure of Temperaments in Early Childhood
The Origins of Individual Differences in Mathematical Ability
Investigating ADHD Subtypes
Minutes of the 37th Annual Business Meeting of the Members of the Behavior Genetics Association, Sunday, 6 June, 2007, 16:00–;16:45, Tinbergenzaal, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Awards Presented at the 37th Annual Meeting of the Behavior Genetics Association, June 5, 2007, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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