Jerry Hirsch (20 September 1922–3 May 2008) : A Tribute
Daniel G. Freedman Remembered : January 16, 1927 to June 10, 2008
The Cross-Generational Mother-Daughter-Aunt-Niece Design : Establishing Validity of the MDAN Design with NLSY Fertility Variables
Effects of Genetic Background, Gender, and Early Environmental Factors on Isolation-Induced Ultrasonic Calling in Mouse Pups : An Embryo-Transfer Study
Maternal and Genetic Effects on the Acoustic Startle Reflex and its Sensitization in C3H/HeN, DBA/2JHd and NMRI Mice Following Blastocyst Transfer
Further Evidence for Association Between GABRA2 and Nicotine Dependence in a Sample of U.S. and Australian Adults
Early Cannabis Use and Later Stages of Cigarette Smoking : A Twin Study
Selection on Rutgers Alcohol Problem Index (RAPI) Scores in Adolescence Predicts High Rates of Alcohol Dependence in Young Adulthood
Genetic Differences in Childhood Disorders of Self-Regulation
How do High School Students Learn? Genetics of Academic Performance, Learning Attitude, and School Environment
Intelligence and Semen Quality are Positively Correlated
Etiology of the Stability of Reading Deficits : An Update
COMT is Not Associated with Externalizing Behavior in Children with ADHD
Examination of the Developmental Change in Genetic Risk for Substance Use from Early Adolescence to Young Adulthood
A Genome-Wide Linkage Scan for Wellbeing
Dyslexia and SLI : Evidence for Substantial Genetic Independence
Testing the Social Intelligence Hypothesis of Human Brain Evolution
Genetic Epidemiology of Nicotine Dependence
Smoking Initiation and Persistence : First Results for Genome-Wide Association Analyses in Dutch Adults
Impulsive Buying and Personality : A Croatian Twin Study
Early Risk Behaviors and Later Psychological Outcomes : A Discordant Twin Design
A Fresh Look at the Shared Environment : Results from a Large Meta-Analysis of Twin and Adoption Studies Examining Child and Adolescent Psychopathology
Cooperation Development in Young Twins
The Effects of Siblings on Twins and Singletons in Theory of Mind Tasks
Gene-Environment Interaction Problems
Genes for g : A Novel Method for Analyzing Data from Genome-Wide Association Studies
Heritability of Economic Behavior : Field and Laboratory Evidence from Sweden
Get Rid of Tedious Coding for Activity Level?
Do Temperament and Behavior Problems Share a Common Etiology at Age 2?
Genome-Wide Association Study of Hirschsprung's Disease
Genetically Capitalist? Survival of the Richest in the Pre-Industrial Era and Modern Human Nature
Measuring Persistent Antisocial Drug Dependence : Effects of Incarceration
Do the Genetic Effects for Literacy in Early Childhood Differ Across Sex or Across the Disabled and Normal Range?
Puberty and the Genetic Diathesis of Disordered Eating : A Replication Study
Maternal Smoking During Pregnancy and Offspring Criminal Convictions : Disconfirming a Causal Inference
Louisville Twin Study : Past, Present and Future
An Interaction Between the R7 Allele of the DRD4 Gene and the Number of Friendships Young Adults Report is Associated with Political Orientations
Genetic Variation in the Development of Voting Behavior
Partisanship, Voting, and the Dopamine D2 Receptor Gene
Genome-Wide Association Study of Leisure-Time Exercise Behavior
Causality in Genetic Epidemiology : An Application to Exercise and Depression
Sex-Specific Moderation of Substance Use by Deviant Peer Association in Late Adolescence
Genetic Influences on Developmental Trajectories of Externalizing Behavior : Data from the Child Development Project
What is g?
Parenting and the DRD4 Genotype : Interaction and Effects on Aggressive and Prosocial Behaviors in Preschoolers
Genetic Overlap Between Borderline Personality Disorder and Personality Traits
The Consequences of the Mutualistic Theory of “g” for QTL Searches. Turkheimer Symposium
Genetic and Environmental Contributions to BMI in Adolescent and Young Adult Female Twins
Looking for Politically Relevant Genes
The Etiology of Autism-Like Behaviors in Very Young Twins
The Cys23Ser Polymorphism Contributes to Personality Traits of Harm Avoidance and Self-Directedness in Young Males From the Russian Population
A Method for Obtaining High Quality Human Genomic DNA from 11-Year Old Cotton Spit Wads for Genetic Studies of Behavioral Disorders
Neuronal Nicotinic Receptor Genes and Associations with Smoking and Alcohol Behaviors
Microorganismal Pheromones
Genetic Influences on Attentional Response to Emotional Faces in 5-Year-Old Twins
Genetic and Environmental Overlap Among Schizophrenia Spectrum Endophenotypes and Schizophrenia Liability During Childhood and Adolescence
Retrospective Perceptions of Parenting and Marital Satisfaction : Genetic and Environmental Influences
Stability of Mental and Motor Abilities in Very Young Children
Self-Regulatory Problem Behaviors in 5-Year Old Twins with Stuttering and High Normal Nonfluency
Spontaneous Vocal and Gestural Imitation as Separate Predictors of Cognitive Ability and Elicited Imitation Performance
Genetic Effects Explain the Stability of Psychopathic Personality from Mid- to Late Adolescence
Elucidating Genetic and Environmental Influences on Adult Attachment Style, Anxiety, and Depression in Middle-Aged Men
Multivariate Behavioral Genetic Analyses of the Lifetime History of Aggression Questionnaire
A Behavior Genetic Investigation of Laboratory-Assessed Anger and Inhibitory Control in Infancy and Early Childhood
Family Influences on Personality
Genetic Overlap Between Alcohol Consumption Indices and Alcohol Dependence : Can Consumption be Used as an Index of Genetic Risk for Dependence?
Genome-Wide Association for Loci Influencing Entrepreneurial Behavior : The Rotterdam Study
Infant Temperament, Marital Relationship, and Parenting in Adoptive Families
Religiosity and Adolescent Antisocial Behavior
Genetic Influences on Language, Reading, and Mathematic Skills in a National Sample : A Selected and Unselected Analysis in the NLSY
Is There a Party in Your Genes?
Genetic Etiologies of Parent- and Teacher-Rated ADHD Symptom Dimensions
The Effects of Peer Group Behavior on Delinquency in Adolescent Twins
Genetic Influences on Extreme Autistic Traits and Intellectual Impairment : Overlap and Specificity
Serotonin Transporter Three Allele System Behaves Like Three Different Functional Alleles
Assortative Mating for Psychopathology, Personality Traits, and Candidate Genes as Evidence of an Active Gene-Environment Correlation
Genetic and Environmental Covariations Among Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms, Neuroticism, and Extraversion in South Korean Adolescent and Young Adult Twins
Heritability of Skin Conductance Reactivity in Children
Evaluation of the Correlation Between Heritability (h2) and g-Loadings in Psychometric Intelligence Tests
Evaluation of the Cascade Model : A New Extended Twin Family Model
A Role of Aggressive Behavior in Sexual Isolation Between Drosophila pseudoobscura and Drosophila persimilis
CHRM2 Polymorphisms and Cognitive Ability
Phenotypic and Genetic Associations Between Binge Eating and Ovarian Hormones
Testing the Equal Environments Assumption in the Children of Twins design
A Twin Study of APOE Genotype and Regional Cortical Thickness in Middle Age
Do Genetic Influences Among Specific Brain Regions Parallel Brain Development and Brain Aging?
Etiology of Adult ADHD
Genotypic associations with externalizing trajectories : Examining moderation by adverse socialization environments
Impact of Age at First Drink and Stressful Life Events on Alcohol Use : A Replication Using a Population-Based Sample of Female Twins
Teen Pregnancy and Early Motherhood : Predictors and Outcomes
School Readiness, ADHD, and Academic Achievement : Common and Specific Genetic and Environmental Etiology
Marijuana Use and BMI in the Add Health Sample
Genetic and Environmental Influences on Nicotine Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Phenotypes
Overreactive Parenting during Toddlerhood : An Examination of Continuity, Genetic Influences, and Outcomes using an Adoption Design
Detection of Gene–Gene Interaction Among CHRNA4, CHRNB2, BDNF and NTRK2 in Nicotine Dependence
An Analytical Strategy for Modeling Count (Poisson) Distributed Phenotypes with Genetically Informative Twin and Family Data
Some Effects of Assumptions in a GxE Modeling of Cognitive Skill
The Impact of Birth Complications on Aggression in Twins at age 5
Using Observed Genetic Variables to Predict Latent Class Membership : A Comparison of Two Methods
Increasing Heritability on Measures of Family Environment During Adolescence : A Twin Study
Behavior Genetic Contributions to the Genetic Basis of Smoking Behavior
Flexible Mx Specification of Various Extended Twin (ET) Kinship Designs
Familial Transmission of Borderline Personality Disorder Features
A Twin Study of Economic Risk Taking
Models for Extended Pedigrees : Model Specification and the Power Associated with Different Family Structures
Mutual Mate Choice Can Drive the Evolution of Costly Fitness Indicators in Both Sexes, Even Under Perfect Monogamy, As Long As Mutations Keep Arising
A Behavioral Genetic Analysis of Child Attention Span/Persistence and Maternal Negativity
Genetic and Environmental Influences on the Structure of Temperament in Childhood
Genetic and Environmental Relationships among Disordered Eating and Internalizing Symptoms in Female Twins
Challenges in the Further Development of Gene-Environment Models for Extended Pedigrees
Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Genetic, Environmental and Phenotypic Factor Scores
Internalizing, Externalizing, and ADHD in Middle Childhood : The Role of Mothering and Fathering in Toddlerhood
Heritability of Breastfeeding Behavior
Heritability of Adherence to Health Recommendations in Adult Women
Specification of Univariate ACDE Model Using Higher Order Moments
Disentangling the Genetic and Environmental Vulnerabilities Underpinning the Risk of Substance Involvement in Young Adulthood : A Classical Twin Design
The Aetiology of the Covariance Between Reading Difficulties and DSM-IV ADHD Symptom Dimensions of Inattention and Hyperactivity-Impulsivity
Comparing Alternative Approaches to Stage Models of Substance Use Phenotypes
Is Cortical Volume the Correct Phenotype for Studying the Aging Brain?
Genetic Linkage and Association Findings for DSM-IV Major Depressive Disorder : Is the Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor 7 Gene (GRM7) an Important Risk Factor for Depression in Smokers?
A Genome-Wide Association Study for Fducational Attainment
Genetic Overlap of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity and Oppositional Defiant Symptoms with Tobacco Use and Dependence in Male Twins
Diurnal Regulation and Responsivity of Cortisol Levels : Evidence for Different Genetic Factors
The Moderating Effects of Impulsivity and Dietary Restraint on Associations Between Serotonin Genes and Bulimic Symptoms
Differential Parenting in Fathers by Offspring COMT Genotype
Autistic Traits and Birth Problems : A Study Suggesting that Both Genes and Environment Play a Part in Their Association
The Genetics and Evolution of the General Factor of Personality
Sources of Continuity and Change in Activity Level in Early Childhood : Different Situations, Different Results (Partly)
Genetic and Environmental Contributions to Political Attitudes
Phenotypic, Genetic, and Environmental Properties of the Portrait Values Questionnaire
Phenotypic, Genetic, and Environmental Correlations Between Reaction Times and Working Memory in Young Twin Children
A Behavior Genetic Analysis of Vocational Interests using a Modified Version of the Jackson Vocational Interest Survey
Associations Between Family Conflict and Child Internalizing and Externalizing Problems : A Children of Twins Approach
Chinese Twin Children Reared Apart and Together : A Prospective Study of Medical, Intellectual and Life History Characteristics
Bereavement-Related Responses Following the Loss of an MZ or DZ Twin
Tacit Coordination in Monozygotic, Dizygotic and Virtual Twin Pairs : A Mechanism for Social Relatedness?
The Heritability of Partisan Attachment
The Use of Latent Class Analysis in a Family-Based Association Including Haplotype Block Analyses in ADHD and Its Comorbidity with Reading Disability
An International Comparison of Etiologies of Remembered Parenting Using Japanese and Swedish Twins
Using Genetic and Environmental influences to Test the External Validity of Childhood Mood and Anxiety Disorders
Genetic Relationships between Disordered Eating, Internalizing Symptoms, and Externalizing Behaviors in Adult Male and Female Twins
Nonshared Environment and Disordered Eating : A Longitudinal Investigation of Parent-Child Conflict
Parental Divorce and Bulimic Symptoms : Evidence for a Gene-Environment Interaction?
Genetic and Environmental Influence on Reading Abilities in Young Twins : Preliminary Examination of Racial/Ethnic Differences
A Neural Network Twin Model : Simulating Heritability in Language Development
Nonlinear Factor Analysis and Genetic and Environmental Influences on Intelligence
Heritability of Stuttering and Non-Fluency in 5-Year-Old Dutch Twins
Environmental Moderation of the Heritability of IQ in Adults
Cognitive, Affective and Behavioral Components of Empathy in Middle Childhood : A Comparison of Two Twin Samples
Gender Differences in the Genetics of Sexual Desire
Does the Heritability of Child Externalizing or Internalizing Differ Based on Rural vs. Urban Residence?
Genetic Heterogeneity in the MMPI Clinical Scales : A Twin Study of the Harris-Lingoes and Subtle-Obvious Subscales
Extreme Male/Female Brain Defined with Two Neuropsychological Tests
Reproductive Onset and Substance Use/Disorder : Genetically-Informed Associations
The Etiology of Hostile Perceptual Biases and their Relation with Children's Aggression
Shared Genetic Influences and Causal Effects Between Hyperactivity-Impulsivity and Novelty Seeking
Drinking Alcohol to Improve Mood Partially Mediates the Relation Between Major Depression and Alcohol Dependence
Multivariate Genetic and Environmental Modeling among Childhood Externalizing Disorders across Different Modality
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