Genetic and Environmental Influences on Optimism and its Relationship to Mental and Self-Rated Health : A Study of Aging Twins
Born to be Happy? The Etiology of Subjective Well-Being
Breastfeeding, Maternal Education and Cognitive Function : A Prospective Study in Twins
Strain-Dependent Changes in Acoustic Startle Response and its Plasticity Across Adolescence in Mice
The structure of cannabis withdrawal and its contribution to cannabis use disorders in the Collaborative Study on the Genetics of Alcoholism (COGA)
Using twin data to address the relationship between early cannabis use and elevated mood (mania)
Whole genome methylation study of 48 monozygotic pairs concordant or discordant for attention problems
Genetic and environmental structure of cognitive factors influencing early Kana reading ability
The association between parent–child conflict and adolescent conduct problems over time : results from a longitudinal adoption study
Etiology of covariation between a parent-report screening measure and reading performance
Shared familial risk between disordered eating and substance use in adolescent males and females
Language impairment, working memory, and dyslexia : Distinct mental modules or recycled cognitive resources?
Does marital quality moderate the effect of parenthood on depressive symptoms? : A co-twin analysis
Personality and politics : A behaviour genetic study
Genetic influences on economic behavior
Genetic and environmental influences on personality and psychological well-being in a nationally representative sample
Analysis of epistasis in biological networks previously implicated in schizophrenia
Association between the serotonin transporter polymorphism and common psychiatric disorders in adolescence
Genome-wide association study of attention problems and ADHD in adults
The developmental etiology of high IQ
Well-being within two theoretical frameworks : personality traits vs. basic psychological needs
Association between risky sexual behavior, impulsivity, and attention problems in adolescents and young adults
New projects at The Swedish Twin Registry
Serotonin transporter gene variation and personality traits
Parental divorce and adolescent delinquency : Ruling out the impact of common genes
Behavioral-genetic analysis of manipulation tactics
Do socio-demographic factors influence parent ratings on ADHD symptoms? A twin analysis of possible rater bias
ACE problems
Genetics and laterality. The degree of laterality : The forgotten factor
Etiological consistency and change in behavior problems in toddlers
Factors behind continuity and change in verbal and nonverbal cognition in the third year of life
Selection strategies for sib-pair association studies
Quality of sibling relationships in middle adulthood : Genetic and environmental Influences
Does reading to your children moderate the genetic and environment etiology of their print knowledge and reading ability?
Parental expectations as a moderator of genetic and environmental influences on disordered eating
CHRM2, IQ, and voter turnout
Meta-analysis of genome-wide association results in >10.000 individuals for the big five personality traits
Childhood maltreatment and MAOA genotype : An investigation of main and interactive effects on diverse adult externalizing outcomes
The Genes, Environment, and Neighborhood Initiative (GENI) : A natural experiment allows the investigation of genetic and neighborhood effects on HIV risk behaviors
The association of CHRM2 with substance use, psychopathology, and related outcomes : New evidence for gene-environment interaction
Longitudinal structure of the non-shared environment in children and older adult twins
Peer influences on preschool play behaviors of twin and siblings
Life events and borderline personality disorder
Alterations in basal Cortisol activity as a marker of the genetic susceptibility of negative mood and depression
Early drinking and early dating as predictors of sexual onset : Exploring potential genetic and environmental confounds
Early maternal age at childbearing and offspring functioning during adolescence : A sibling-comparison study of sexual behavior and depression
Metagenomics of smoking in obese and lean twin pairs
MAOA and early physical discipline interact to influence delinquent behavior
Assortative mating, stage of marriage and education level of spouses
Identification and functional characterization of three novel alleles for the serotonin transporter-linked polymorphic region
Changing the family structure in developed and developing countries : should we care? A theoretical analysis and empirical evidence
Heritability and longitudinal stability of schizotypal traits during adolescence and early adulthood
Personality accounting for genetic and environmental associations between recalled parenting and marital satisfaction
Investigation of shared genetic effects for psychotic and obsessive symptoms in young adult twins
Stability of mental and motor abilities in children : A longitudinal twin model from 9 months to 4 years of age
Is low birth weight an environmental risk factor for childhood disruptive disorders?
Applying latent growth curve analysis to developmental synchronies in louisville twin study data
Psychopathic personality in adolescence : Genetic and environmental overlap with externalizing and internalizing problems
Model of genetic variation in human social networks
How genetics can help psychometrics : Determining the dimensionality of the Internalizing grouping of the Dutch Version of the Child Behavioral Checklist
Unity and diversity of executive functions in the longitudinal twin study
Assortative mating in violent offending : A register study of the total Swedish population 1973–2004
Impact of hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsiveness on school grades
A behavior genetic investigation of parent- and laboratory-assessed fear from infancy to early childhood
A twin study of inhibitory control in toddlerhood and related behavior problems at 7–8 years of age
Nature of the genetic association between externalizing psychopathology and brain electrophysiology
A twin study of the autism spectrum using contemporary diagnostic criteria
Modularity of language? Evidence from a multi-method study of school-age twins
Fears, phobias, and political preferences
General but distinct mechanisms of gene-environment interplay between environmental risk factors and internalizing and externalizing disorders
General but distinct mechanisms of gene-environment interplay between environmental risk factors and internalizing and externalizing disorders
Measurement strategy for the MCTFR genome wide association study of substance abuse-related phenotypes
Understanding how remembered parental warmth and marital satisfaction are associated with depressive symptoms : A nationally representative twin study
The role of parent's personality and family relationships in explaining global family conflict
MZ-Parental control-discordant design study of copy number variation in 50 MZ twins concordant and discordant for attention problems
Effects of interparental conflict on the etiology of conduct problems
Neuroticism as genetic and environmental risk factors for hallucination in South Korean twins
The change of genetic variance with age in money-saving practice in South Korean twins
Design and aims of the minnesota center for twin and family research genes, environment, and development initiative
Genetic influences on the overlap between psychopathic traits, IQ, and academic achievement
Academic performance and alcohol use in high school : Longitudinal associations and genetic and environmental contributions in male twins
Greater education and reduced BMI linked through common environment
Economic decision-making task behavior predicts discordance of persecutory beliefs in monozygotic twins
Nonlinear epigenetic variance
Latent class analysis of funtional somatic syndromes in a population-based sample of twins
Parental influences on psychological adjustment in a college-aged sample of adopted and non-adopted individuals
Environmental risk for behavioral disinhibition and substance abuse
Social experience modulates Drosophila behavior and brain function
CHRM2 polymorphisms, personality, and risk for substance use disorders
Estradiol moderates genetic effects on disordered eating during Puberty
Conduct disorder and oppositional defiant disorder : An examination of overlap vs specificity
Monozygotic twins concordant and discordant for alcohol dependence : Differences in personality and religiousness?
Genomic research on addiction : Articulating policy challenges
Generalist genes and mathematics : The latest quantitative and molecular genetic results from the TEDS study
Finding converging evidence in inconsistent results : The case for the heritability of brain ventricle size
Genetics of coffee consumption and its stability
Association study of brain-derived neurotropic factor with the developmental course of ADHD symptoms
Adolescent drinking transitions and adult alcohol problems
Cognitive functioning and alcohol dependence symptoms in young adulthood : Investigating the association in finnish twins
Fluctuations of anxiety in the second half of life : Exploring genetic contributions and the impact of stressful life events
Shared environmental influences across time : Evidence from the sibling interaction and behavior study
Genetic risk or resilience? Elucidating the role of context
Executive functioning in 27-month-old adopted children : Genetic, parenting, and temperament influences
Genetic and environmental influence on transformational leadership and leadership role occupancy
The genetics of autism spectrum disorders and related neuropsychiatric disorders in childhood
The relationship between risky sexual behavior and political attitudes
The relation between DRD4 and birth complications in the development of aggression
Association of the CHRNA5/A3/B4 gene cluster and tobacco and alcohol initiation using survival mixture analysis
Merging twin data bases : Measurement invariance and the impediments of using sum scores in twin studies
A common genetic basis for the traditional moral values triad
Combined genetic epidemiologic and association approaches in smoking behavior
Genetic and environmental influences on observed externalizing behavior in middle childhood and early adolescence
Early results from GWAS of 14,000 Australian twins and their families
Externalizing psychopathology in the parents of children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Evidence for genes on chromosome 2 contributing to alcohol dependence with conduct disorder and suicide attempts
Genome-wide association analysis in the GEDI Project
Computationally efficient analysis of Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) of small families
Genetic and environmental influences on ADHD symptom dimensions of inattention and hyperactivity : A meta-analysis
Examining associations between disordered eating characteristics and serotonin transporter gene polymorphisms
Parental criticism and externalizing behavior problems in adolescents : The role of environment and genotype-environment correlation
The longitudinal heritability of impulsivity in a sample of child and adolescent twins
A monozygotic-twin difference score approach to parenting as a nonshared environmental influence on behavior symptoms
Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence (FTND) and smoking behavior among Turkish college students
Moderating effects of physical exercise on genetic and environmental influences on body mass index of adult female twins
Genetic and environmental contributions to the underlying factor structure of psychopathic personality traits from childhood to adolescence
Developmental etiology of alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis dependence from adolescence to young adulthood
Moderating effects of testosterone on the genetic and environmental components of hippocampal volume
Mean daily temperature moderates the shared environmentality of the skin conductance response
On the association of body mass index and depression in a population based sample of twins
Causal explanations related to shared and nonshared environment
An endophenotype strategy for schizophrenia : Linkage scan of schizophrenia and executive cognitive processes in a multiplex family study
Educational achievement in children with attention problems : Results of a pilot study on cognitive data collection by teachers of twins
Does dietary restraint moderate the heritability of binge eating?
SORL1 predicts longitudinal memory change : Age and gender effects
Melanopsin gene variations not associated with depression in a Community Sample
Altruistic behaviors : A longitudinal twin study of genetic and shared environmental
Longevity and subjective well-being : A cotwin control study
Obtaining and using genetic information about mental disorders to advance behavioral genetics and improve patient satisfaction and recruitment
The structure of genetic and environmental influences on common mental disorders among adolescents
Age at first intercourse in reared apart twins : Genetic influence and life history events
A genetic basis for homophily in social networks
Genetic and environmental factors contributing to educational attainment in Japanese society
The influence of sibling relationships on depressive symptoms in adolescent twins
Genetic and environmental risk factors for depression : A developmental GxE approach
Does impulsivity moderate the association between disordered eating and alcohol use?
Spatial and temporal structure of resting state EEG : Development and (genetic) stability
The heritability of value orientations
Binge eating and compensatory behavior : Investigating common etiologic influences
Modeling epistasis in the serotonin system
Interactive predispositions : Gene-environment interactions–from IQ controversy to genetic screening
Preschool positive parenting moderates non-shared environmental influence on only conscientiousness among big five personality in adolescence
Sensitivity of schizotypal symptoms to genetic liability to schizophrenia : A multiplex family study
Electrodermal response modulation as an endophenotype for substance dependence
Evidence for a specific environmental effect on early reading
Internalizing behavior in adolescent girls affect parental emotional overinvolvment
Genetic and environmental influences on overall level and linear change in depression in female adolescents
The development of psychopathic traits from childhood to adolescence
A twin study of motor control and attention : Left hand accuracy as endophenotype for attention problems
Using cloninger's tridimensional personality questionnaire to assess behavioral disinhibition
Genetic and environmental influences of the covariation between pulmonary function and cognition in the Old-Old
Shared genetic and environmental variance between political attitudes and personality traits
Shared etiology of risky sexual behaviour and adolescent misconduct : Genetic and environmental influences
Clarifying and framing the dark triad of personality through comparison with the supernumerary personality inventory
Genetic variation and covariation in the personality psychopathology-5 scales of the MMPI
Associations between self-estimated and measured intelligence and self-esteem
Between- and within-study heterogeneity in the association of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder with the 5HTTLPR
Alcohol dependence predicts delayed marriage in men : Findings in Australian twins
Genetic variation in the vasopressin receptor la gene (AVPR1A) is associated with pair-bonding behavior in humans
The development of emotion regulation from age 2 to 3
Genetic and environmental influences on dynamic changes in heart rate during countdown task
Establishing genetic risk for early onset antisocial behavior
Causes that matter
Masculine and feminine answer tendencies : a study in Dutch twin families
Is overactivity a core feature in ADHD? A ROC-curve and familiality analysis of mechanically-assessed activity level in ADHD and control sibling pairs
Using quantitative genetic analyses to inform future studies : The example of using ADHD symptom scores and objective measures of behaviour to refine the ADHD phenotype for future molecular genetic investigations
Causation in genetics : Stability, proportionality, and specificity
The genetics of motor disinhibition : A longitudinal analysis of the Go/NoGo task in twins
Differential heritability of temperaments and behavior problems across childhood to adulthood : A Japanese twin study
Investigating genetic and environmental contributions to the relationship between church attendance and alcohol dependence
Determining the genetic and environmental architecture of parental monitoring and child externalizing behavior
Genetic associations between Neuregulin-1, schizophrenia, and cognition in a multiplex family sample
A population-based twin study of childhood maltreatment and alcohol use disorders in men
Significant associations between five AKT1 SNP markers and major depressive disorder in the Chinese population
A Monte Carlo evaluation of different model fit indices for analysis of multi-rater twin data
Investigating the association between sexual orientation and mental health via endophenotypes neuroticism and psychoticism : A twin study
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