Introduction to the Special Sections on Standard Celeration Charting and Speech-Language Pathology
Thanking Our Reviewers
The Global War on Terror
Analyzing Single Subject Data for Showing Intervention Effectiveness
Discovery Through the Lens of the Standard Celeration Chart
The Power of the Mand
Assessing Functional Relations
Putting the Precision in Precision Teaching
I Can Do This Math, Yo!
School, Meds, and Moms
The Effects of an Auditory Match-to-Sample Procedure on Listener Literacy and Echoic Responses
Using a Computer-Based Precision Teaching Program to Facilitate Learning of Complex Material
Establishment of Conditioned Reinforcement for Visual Observing and the Emergence of Generalized Visual-Identity Matching
Case Study
Using Fixed Interval-Based Prompting to Increase a Student’s Initiation of the Picture Exchange Communication System