Autism and Other Child Developmental Disorders : Early Behavior-Analytic Interventions
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Infants at Risk of Autism and Developmental Disorders : Establishing Early Social Skills
Effects of Social Reinforcement on the Emission of Tacts by Preschoolers
Experiences That Establish Preschoolers’ Interest in Speaking and Listening to Others
Establishment of Naming in Children With Autism Through Multiple Response-Exemplar Training
The Effects of Conditioning Three-Dimensional Stimuli on Identity Matching and Imitative Responses in Young Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder
The Effects of Precision Teaching With Textual or Tact Relations on Intraverbal Relations
Effects of Video Prompting Without Voice-Over Narration Among Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder
A Comparison of Two Procedures to Condition Social Stimuli to Function as Reinforcers for Children With Autism
Children’s Answering of Yes-No Questions : A Review of Research Including Particular Consideration of the Relational Evaluation Procedure
Increasing Social Integration for College Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder
Measuring Developmental Outcomes in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Prevalence of Obesity and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Evaluation of Caregiver Training via Telecommunication for Rural Icelandic Children With Autism
Establishing the Transformation of Motivating Operations Across Mands and Tacts for Preschoolers With Developmental Delays
Beyond Sight Words : Reading Programs for People With Intellectual Disabilities
A Brief Report on the Verbal Behavior Curriculum (VBC) to Teach Children With Autism and Other Language Disorders