Seasonal anorexia in the male red-sided garter snake, Thamnophis sirtalis parietalis
Bigger testes do work more: experimental evidence that testis size reflects testicular cell proliferation activity in the marine invertebrate, the free-living flatworm Macrostomum sp.
Preferential incubation positions for different sized eggs and their influence on incubation period and hatching asynchrony in Snares crested ( Eudyptes robustus ) and yellow-eyed penguins ( Megadyptes antipodes )
Polarized short odor-trail recruitment communication by a stingless bee, Trigona spinipes
Sociality reduces individual direct fitness in a communally breeding rodent, the colonial tuco-tuco ( Ctenomys sociabilis )
Sperm utilization pattern in the honeybee ( Apis mellifera )
Ground gleaning in horseshoe bats: comparative evidence from Rhinolophus blasii , R. euryale and R. mehelyi
Extremely high mating frequency in the Florida harvester ant ( Pogonomyrmex badius )
Experimentally elevated plasma levels of testosterone do not increase male reproductive success in blue tits
Yolk testosterone organizes behavior and male plumage coloration in house sparrows ( Passer domesticus )
Group size and ectoparasitism affect daily survival probability in a colonial bird
Sperm utilization pattern in the honeybee ( Apis mellifera )