Fitness consequences of body-size-dependent host species selection in a generalist ectoparasitoid
Improvement in collective performance with experience in ants
Distance to neighbours influences the trade-off between hiding after disturbance and defending food patches in convict cichlids ( Archocentrus nigrofasciatus )
Are behavioural trade-offs all they seem? Counter-intuitive resolution of the conflict between two behaviours
Effects of body mass, age, dominance and parasite load on foraging time of bighorn rams, Ovis canadensis
Could the predation risk hypothesis explain large-scale spatial sexual segregation in fallow deer ( Dama dama )?
Male residence and the patterning of serum testosterone in vervet monkeys ( Cercopithecus aethiops )
A mark-recapture study of male Colletes cunicularius bees: implications for pollination by sexual deception
Costs and benefits of communal rearing to female prairie voles ( Microtus ochrogaster )
Quorum sensing during nest-site selection by honeybee swarms
Proclivity and effectiveness in gall defence by soldiers in five species of gall-inducing thrips: benefits of morphological caste dimorphism in two species ( Kladothrips intermedius and K. habrus )
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