Personal immunity versus social immunity
The response of fish to novel prey
Egg ejection risk and hatching asynchrony predict egg mass in a communally breeding cuckoo, the Greater Ani (Crotophaga major)
Group size effect in nutmeg mannikin
Using visual cues of microhabitat traits to find home
Parasite removal increases reproductive success in a social African ground squirrel
Multimodal courtship efficacy of Schizocosa retrorsa wolf spiders
Body size and vigilance mediate asymmetric interference competition for food in fish larvae
Mechanisms of last male precedence in a moth
Hatching asynchrony is an individual property of female Ural owls which improves nestling survival
Virginity and the clutch size behavior of a parasitoid wasp where mothers mate their sons
Color signal information content and the eye of the beholder
Spatial dynamics and the evolution of social monogamy in mammals
Context-dependent acquisition of territories by male collared lizards
Gender differences in survival and antipredatory behavior in stalk-eyed flies
Women’s own voice pitch predicts their preferences for masculinity in men’s voices
Synchrony does not explain extrapair paternity rate variation in northern or southern house wrens
Cosmetic enhancement of signal coloration
Immune system activation affects song and territorial defense
Do wood ducks use the quantity of eggs in a nest as a cue to the nest’s value?
Hatching order explains an extrapair chick advantage in western bluebirds
Sex and social networking
Unavoidable limits on group size in a body size-based linear hierarchy
The role of particle surface texture on case material selection and silk lining in caddis flies
Compensation for homing errors by using courtship structures as visual landmarks
Within-group relatedness can lead to higher levels of exploitation
A tale of 2 signals
The predation cost of female resistance
High resource valuation fuels “desperado” fighting tactics in female jumping spiders
Habitat-dependent acoustic divergence affects playback response in urban and forest populations of the European blackbird
Inbreeding depression in male traits and preference for outbred males in Poecilia reticulata
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