The fusion of behavioral ecology and ecology
Density bias in behavioral ecology
The many ecologies of behavior
Cause and context in the biological sciences
Behavioral ecology : 40 years of fusion with ecology
Integrating animal behavior and conservation biology : a conceptual framework
Nest ornamentation in blue tits : is feather carrying ability a male status signal?
Absence of kin structure in a population of the group-living rodent Octodon degus
Increased host aggression as an induced defense against slave-making ants
Male fiddler crabs defend multiple burrows to attract additional females
The degree of response to increased predation risk corresponds to male secondary sexual traits
Emergence of group rationality from irrational individuals
The composition, stability, and kinship of reproductive coalitions in a lekking bird
Reproductive tradeoffs of learning in a butterfly
Mating experience in field crickets modifies pre- and postcopulatory female choice in parallel
Song amplitude affects territorial aggression of male receivers in chaffinches
The use of numerical information by bees in foraging tasks
Divergence in timing of parental care and migration in barnacle geese
Serins respond to anthropogenic noise by increasing vocal activity
Reproductive skew is highly variable and correlated with genetic relatedness in a social apoid wasp
Male attractiveness is negatively genetically associated with investment in copulations
Mortality risk affects mating decisions in the spider Nephila clavipes
Size-related inbreeding preference and competitiveness in male Pelvicachromis taeniatus (Cichlidae)
Rethinking birdsong evolution : meta-analysis of the relationship between song complexity and reproductive success
Koala bellows and their association with the spatial dynamics of free-ranging koalas
Synchronized vigilance while feeding in common eider brood-rearing coalitions
Effects of simultaneous polyandry on offspring fitness in an African tree frog
Water-seeking behavior in worm-infected crickets and reversibility of parasitic manipulation
Sound familiar? Acoustic similarity provokes responses to unfamiliar heterospecific alarm calls
Yolk carotenoids have sex-dependent effects on redox status and influence the resolution of growth trade-offs in yellow-legged gull chicks
Use of social over personal information enhances nest defense against avian brood parasitism
Colony variation in the collective regulation of foraging by harvester ants
Load lightening and negotiation over offspring care in cooperative breeders
Corrections for “Assessing the function of house sparrows' bib size using a flexible meta-analysis method [Behav Ecol 18
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