Mate choice for cognitive traits
Comment on Boogert et al.
Commentary on review by Boogert et al.
Female assessment
Genetic monogamy across variable demographic landscapes in cooperatively breeding Florida scrub-jays
Hummingbirds choose not to rely on good taste
Female nuptial coloration and its adaptive significance in a mutual mate choice system
Inbreeding and measures of immune function in the cricket Teleogryllus commodus
Location and group size influence decisions in simulated intergroup encounters in banded mongooses
Walking the line
Behavioral and physiological consequences of nest predation pressure for larval fish
Linking amphibian call structure to the environment
Multiple routes to reduced interspecific territorial fighting in Hetaerina damselflies
Experience-dependent flexibility in collective decision making by house-hunting ants
Excess offspring as a maternal strategy
No risk, no gain
Monogamous dominant pairs monopolize reproduction in the cooperatively breeding pied babbler
Developmental stressors that impair song learning in males do not appear to affect female preferences for song complexity in the zebra finch
A parasite in wolf's clothing
Direction and strength of selection by predators for the color of the aposematic wood tiger moth
What's love got to do with it? Ontogenetic changes in drivers of dispersal in a marine ectoparasite
Responses to intruder scents in the cooperatively breeding meerkat
Endogenous testosterone is not associated with the trade-off between paternal and mating effort
Parental care in nesting hawks
A longitudinal study of dominance and aggression in greylag geese (Anser anser)
Multiply mated males show higher embryo survival in a paternally caring fish
Sociality and resource use
Diet selection in birds
Measuring marginal predation in animal groups
Nonpasserine bird produces soft calls and pays retaliation cost
Grooming for tolerance? Two mechanisms of exchange in wild tufted capuchin monkeys
Spatiotemporal reproductive strategies in the fire salamander
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