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Intrasexual competition in females : evidence for sexual selection?
Comment on “Intrasexual competition among females : evidence for sexual selection” by Kimberly Rosvall
Comment on Rosvall : “Intrasexual competition among females
Female sexual selection in light of the Darwin–Bateman paradigm
Understanding intrasexual competition and sexual selection requires an evolutionary ecology framework
By any name, female–female competition yields differential mating success
What is sexual selection and the short herstory of female trait variation
Quality, need, or hunger; begging the question
A case of mental time travel in ant-following birds?
Pleiotropy, “sexy” traits, and speciation
Behavioral and physiological responses to male handicap in chick-rearing black-legged kittiwakes
Condition dependence and the origins of elevated fluctuating asymmetry in quality signals
Birds flee en mass from New Year’s Eve fireworks
Heterozygosity and fitness benefits of extrapair mate choice in White-rumped Swallows (Tachycineta leucorrhoa)
Cuticular hydrocarbons as potential kin recognition cues in a subsocial spider
Macroparasitism influences reproductive success in red squirrels (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus)
The evolution of lateralized foot use in parrots : a phylogenetic approach
Species identity cues : possibilities for errors during vibrational communication on plant stems
Reproductive effort transiently reduces antioxidant capacity in a wild bird
Behavioral type and growth rate in a cichlid fish
Encounter rates with conspecific males influence female mate choice in a naturally hybridizing fish
Who are the innovators? A field experiment with 2 passerine species
Multimodal begging signals reflect independent indices of nestling condition in European starlings
Intraspecific preen oil odor preferences in dark-eyed juncos (Junco hyemalis)
The evolutionary significance of butterfly eyespots
Root herbivory affects oviposition and feeding behavior of a foliar herbivore
The logical polyp : assessments and decisions during contests in the beadlet anemone Actinia equina
Are innovative species ecological generalists? A test in North American birds
Predation and kin-structured populations : an empirical perspective on the evolution of cooperation
Where does a flock end from an information perspective? A comparative experiment with live and robotic birds
Throat patch size and darkness covaries with testosterone in females of a sex-role reversed species
Integrating fundamental and formant frequencies in women’s preferences for men’s voices
Number of eyespots and their intimidating effect on naïve predators in the peacock butterfly
Copulation duration in the soldier fly : the roles of cryptic male choice and sperm competition risk
Reluctant challengers : why do subordinate female meerkats rarely displace their dominant mothers?
The sexual signals of the East-Mediterranean barn swallow : a different swallow tale
Costs of behavioral synchrony as a potential driver behind size-assorted grouping
Spatial variation in food availability predicts extrapair paternity in the arctic fox