Unraveling the true complexity of costly color signaling
Paradoxical calls
Parental effects on animal personality
The influence of ecology on sociality in the killer whale (Orcinus orca)
Anthropogenic food patches and association patterns of Tursiops truncatus at Lampedusa island, Italy
Changes in antipredator vigilance over time caused by a war of attrition between predator and prey
Female house sparrows prefer big males with a large white wing bar and fewer feather holes caused by chewing lice
Postcopulatory mechanisms of inbreeding avoidance in the island endemic hihi (Notiomystis cincta)
The effects of neighbor familiarity and size on cooperative defense of fiddler crab territories
Personality constraints versus flexible antipredation behaviors
Nuptial gifts protect male bell crickets from female aggressive behavior
Male competition strategies change when information concerning female receptivity is available
Effects of known age on male paternity in a migratory songbird
Effects of neighbor familiarity on reproductive success in the great tit (Parus major)
Hand attractiveness—its determinants and associations with facial attractiveness
Does acoustic adaptation drive vertical stratification? A test in a tropical cricket assemblage
Context-dependent male mate choice
Variable mode of estrus affects female decision for multiple mating
Consistent waves of collective vigilance in groups using public information about predation risk
Vocal behavior predicts reproductive success in a teleost fish
Prey pattern regularity and background complexity affect detectability of background-matching prey
Brood parasites may use gape size constraints to exploit provisioning rules of smaller hosts
Sex roles in egg recognition and egg polymorphism in avian brood parasitism
How do diurnal long-distance migrants select flight altitude in relation to wind?
Handling time and the evolution of caching behavior
Educated predators make strategic decisions to eat defended prey according to their toxin content
Under my wing
Heat-conserving postures hinder escape
It is a matter of taste
Cognitive ability and the evolution of multiple behavioral display traits
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