Exposing the behavioral gambit : the evolution of learning and decision rules
Evolutionary games and gambits
Learning to avoid the behavioral gambit
The bounds of rationality and cognitive building blocks
We can study how mechanisms evolve without knowing the rules of chess or the workings of the brain
Randomized or fixed order for studies of behavioral syndromes?
Strength in numbers : males in a carnivore grow bigger when they associate and hunt cooperatively
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Incubating females use dynamic risk assessment to evaluate the risk posed by different predators
Amphibians’ response to the lunar synodic cycle—a review of current knowledge, recommendations, and implications for conservation
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Strategic sperm allocation and a Coolidge effect in an externally fertilizing species
Size-dependent microhabitat selection by masquerading prey
Alternative behavioral measures of postconflict affiliation
Collective choice of a higher-protein food source by gregarious caterpillars occurs through differences in exploration
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Finding food : outbound searching behavior in the Australian desert ant Melophorus bagoti
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Genetic polyethism in the polyandrous desert ant Cataglyphis cursor
Divergent use of spawning habitat by male capelin (Mallotus villosus) in a warm and cold year
Short-term but not long-term patch avoidance in an orchid-pollinating solitary wasp
Local offspring density and sex ratio affect sex allocation in the great tit
Trapline foraging by bumble bees : VI. Behavioral alterations under speed–accuracy trade-offs
Movement in a selfish seal herd : do seals follow simple or complex movement rules?
The effects of recruitment to direct predator cues on predator responses in meerkats
Sex-specific offspring growth according to maternal testosterone, corticosterone, and glucose levels
Revealed by conspicuousness : distractive markings reduce camouflage
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Paternal effects on access to resources in a promiscuous primate society
Differential maturation of sexual traits : revealing sex while reducing male and female aggressiveness
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Mammalian nest predator feces as a cue in avian habitat selection decisions
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Color-assortative mating in a color-polymorphic lacertid lizard
Short timescale rate maximization by gulls and implications for predation on size-structured prey
Geometric analysis of macronutrient selection in breeds of the domestic dog, Canis lupus familiaris
Eyespot display in the peacock butterfly triggers antipredator behaviors in naïve adult fowl