Mandatory data archiving in Behavioral Ecology
Is there an evolutionary trade-off between quality signaling and social recognition?
Is information from both quality signaling and social recognition really redundant? A comment on Sheehan and Bergman
Quality signals may be common in species with social recognition
The evolution of signaling complexity
Understanding antagonism
A quality signaling–recognition trade-off at the level of the type of interaction not species
The effects of social network position on the survival of wild Barbary macaques, Macaca sylvanus
Haven for the night
Should receivers follow multiple signal components? An economic perspective
Speed and maneuverability jointly determine escape success
Female guppies can recognize kin but only avoid incest when previously mated
It’s a trap
Who cares? Experimental attention biases provide new insights into a mammalian sexual signal
Movement decisions in natural catastrophes
The swaying behavior of Extatosoma tiaratum
Multiple mating predicts intensity but not mechanism of kin recognition
Wind farm noise suppresses territorial defense behavior in a songbird
Reproduction and immunity trade-offs constrain mating signals and nuptial gift size in a bushcricket
A proactive–reactive syndrome affects group success in an ant species
Exploratory behavior of dispersers within a metapopulation of sockeye salmon
Favored parent–offspring trait combinations? On the interplay of parental and offspring traits
Multicomponent deceptive signals reduce the speed at which predators learn that prey are profitable
Patterns of parasitism in the cooperatively breeding meerkat
Local ecology influences reproductive timing in Northern Ireland independently of individual wealth
Short-term and delayed effects of mother death on calf mortality in Asian elephants
Pre-existing biases for swords in mollies (Poecilia)
Function of copulatory plugs in house mice
Nest predation risk, but not demography, drives dynamics of conspecific brood parasitism
Nest environment modulates begging behavior of a generalist brood parasite
No phenotypic signature of acoustic competition in songs of a tropical cricket assemblage
Dietary protein selection in a free-ranging urban population of common myna birds
An experimental test of duet function in a fairy-wren (Malurus) with moderate cuckoldry rates
Context-dependent effects of complex environments on behavioral plasticity
Flesh flies regulate the consumption of 3 macronutrients to maximize lifespan and egg production
Social experience affects female mate preferences for a visual trait in a wolf spider
UV color determines the issue of conflicts but does not covary with individual quality in a lizard
Geographic and life-history variation in ant queen colony founding correlates with brain amine levels
Yellow warbler defenses are retained in the absence of brood parasitism but enhanced by experience with cowbirds
Evolution of natal and breeding dispersal
Social pairing of Seychelles warblers under reduced constraints
Ant recognition cue diversity is higher in the presence of slavemaker ants
Postcopulatory consequences of female mate choice in a fish with alternative reproductive tactics
Proximate causes of avian protandry differ between subspecies with contrasting migration challenges
Not so sexy in the city
Plasticity in social communication and its implications for the colonization of novel habitats
Individual parameters shape foraging activity in breeding king penguins
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